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tv   [untitled]    September 29, 2013 12:30am-1:01am PDT

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the public hearing notice and green purchasing regulations for the director nutter and choy and the reduction specialist and this is a public hearing and information and discussion item. >> okay. >> commissioners, as i would like to request your consideration of the continuance of this item. there are a number of additional discussions that we would like to have at the staff level before we bring this to the commission for consideration. so i would like to respectfully request a continuance for this item tonight. >> thank you. >> commissioner king? >> a motion that we continue item number 7. >> i second that motion. >> let me state this correctly. let me to the discretion of the
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chair and advice of director. >> i second that motion. >> all of those in favor signal by saying aye. >> aye. >> thank you. >> and thank you, director. >> >> next item is briefing on implementation of the hel ygt air and clean transportation ordinance for fiscal year 12-13 and this was continued from the august 6, meeting and sponsors gravanis and josefowitz. it was actually proposed for continuance. >> this also for a continuance. >> if we can, i think that we should also continue this one because we are having a few more discussions before we are ready to bring it to the commission. >> okay. >> could i propose that >> sure. >> commissioner josefowitz makes a motion to continue to the call of the chair after the consideration of the discussions >> could we get a second. >> second.
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>> all of those in favor. >> aye. >> motion passes item is continued number nine, please? >> rerue and approval of the draft resolution f,, 2013-12 in support of the department of envier menment's grant brown field's out reach services and you have a copy of the draft and the environmental justice program manager and perry language the black coalition on aids and this is a discussion and action item. >> thank you very much. and welcome. >> i am annie eng and we do a lot of multitasking and i am also as serving as the program manager for the green building program. and with me is rami co-worker and he has been with the environmental justice program and he does a lot of multitasking and works with the energy program as well.
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but, we are here to present and ask for your approval of the resolution to grant an award to black coalition on aids to perform brown field's out reach services some background united states epa awarded the department a grant to perform a community-wide assessment, and we will use this federal funding, to perform an inventory of the sites on the eastern side of the bay view community. and this is to support the green way, awarded of the open space corridor, e tending the bay trail south ward from att park to candle stick park and we are going to conduct the side investigations and we have a technical contractor.
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and urs corporation and we issued an rfp to get the services of a non-profit group to help with out reach. earlier this year, in may, i stood before you seeking your approval for an out reach grant award, that was continued. and we basically decided that the best approach to take was to reissue the rpf that was done in july and a new panel of evaluate ors was convened and we have five applicants that were scored by three, and the strongest proposals that received the score of 70 points or higher, and then, we will move forward to the second stage of oral interviews. the evaluation panel
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interviewed three non-profit groups. and that coalition on aids, scored the highest following well the interview and so i am here recommending your approval of this grant award. >> thank you, annie. >> would you like to hear from mr. lang. >> i saw a request from commissioner king? >> who was the review panel? >> i am sorry what? >> who was the review panel? >> we had three members on the review panel, and one was staff from the department of the environment and eg program and one was a staff person from our out reach team, who had extensive experience in community out reach and one was another city employee that did not work in our department who also happens to live in the bay
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view. >> to be clear nobody from the last panel was on this? >> no, completely new and i went on vacation,dy not serve on this panel. >> okay. >> vacation, what is that? >> a vacation. >> sorry, it was a joke. >> mr. king? >> any others? >> all right. >> so, yes, if we can hear from mr. lang. thank you. >> thank you. >> good evening commissioners, as stated earlier my name is perry lang and i am the executive director on the black coalition on aids. and we have been in existence for 30 years now, evolved from an aids-only cbo to a
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multidimensional cbo, that handles health education out reach and wellness service and advocacy on the part of the community. and i gave you folks a packet of information to take a look at. and for the collaborativeral materials and just to give you a sense of our out reach capabilities what you will see on the outside brochure is a brochure from our 50-member health equity council and it was valued into three committees environmental health, mental health and physical health. and that group makes public policy recommendations, and after doing research, surveys in the community, and etc.. the second piece that you will see is a little card that says passport to wellness, this
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gives you a sense of some of the programming that we do at our site on a quarterly basis. and another piece that you have is something called community shout out. and we can convene the members of the community to give the input on a variety of issues in the community. and then in the last piece that you have is something called the quarterly calendar which was our summer calendar which is our light calendar, quite frankly that looks at all of the wellness services that we offer and on the backs it looks at a social connection and the things that just connect the community and so i wanted to share that so that you would get a sense of the breadth and the depth of the out reach that we do in the community. and listen to the last speaker, and the pain that they took to go through some of this, it seems as though politically, there are a variety of issues behind that and i don't want to
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get caught in that if you would, but what i would say on behalf of the coalition and myself, i live in district ten, and many of my staff members live in district ten, i lived in bay view hunter's point for over ten years and i lived in the hill for over ten years and this is the area that we are talking about. and what i want to do is to make sure that we are able to build bridges across our community to get the kind of input that is necessary, that leaves no one out so the folks will have a say in what is coming. and that is what i intend to do. and if we indeed award this contract and i will also reach across lines, if you would, to other community organizations that want input into this process. and i will be happy to answer any questions that you have at this juncture. >> thank you, mr. lang. >> questions. comments?
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>> commission? all right. thank you. >> thank you. >> we have any public comment on the item? mr. brooks? >> i apologize for being a serial commenter but you have so many important things on your list today that i want to chime in on this one. doing such survey and analysis in the bay view hunter's point can't come soon enough. you know, as i am sure that you all know that the neighborhood that been under high stress for a long time because it is targeted for a lot of different environmental ills and factories and the waste disposal and sewage processing and you name it. and maybe, it used to be there. and as it happens, just over the weekend, the green action for health and environmental
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justice, hunter's view, mothers and father community for the health and environmental justice, 350, and san francisco, green, party, treasure island health network and we all had an event around the big and you noticed that there was a national 350 event and talking about getting rid of the keystone xl pipeline and what all of the scores of communities and in the united states that took putting that were to highlight where the local impacts, and what the current crisis will do and what is not often in waste is what sea level rise will do to communities like this that have toxic steps in them, and when it comes in and mixes with the toxic chemicals and the radioactive chemicals in these neighborhood and both the treasure island and the bay view hunter's point and it will reach all over the place and into the bay and as you know,
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the neighborhoods are built on the bay fill which is loose soil and in the case of an earthquake, and this just makes it like, where those chemicals will be flying all over the place in these neighborhoods, and so, it is starting to encourage as this program goes forward, and that they, that the contractors also reach out and learn about what they are going to do to impact these brown fill sites and just describe the recommendations go, i would recommend getting ahold in the bay view of green action for health and environmental justice and they are a green action and that is one word, green and in part, and because they do a lot of very important work in that neighborhood to call attention to the ills of brownfield and sites that are in that neighborhood, thanks. >> thank you.
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>> dr. espinosa? >> right. >> good afternoon. dr. jackson, and i am not here to not support because i believe that this is the first contract that this group is getting and they have been in the community for years. but i do have some concerns when we talk about the brownfield, and i ran into some concerns from years ago, especially with the fact that the trail, i talked to... and i guess the trail going into the areas about two weeks ago, because of the fact that is a very toxic area and especially, i can't remember the name of that group, that they supplied to build a school. and... thank you sweetheart. >> the ledge. and what happened is after the ledge got the money the woman who was in charge left and went
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to new york. but the thing of it that is a toxic site over there, where that building is, and when they built the big enough and i have been at meetings with pg&e and i requested that they go more than five feet that they go 20 feet and they thanked any that they went 25 feet and guess what? but all of the stuff that they found, 25 feet down. the thing of it is because of the fact that area is landfill, mostly, i have been in the bay view hunter's point since 1948 i know about the area and all of the landfills and where the landfill was done, most people are unaware that a lot of that area looks good, but it is not good. so, if there is going to be out reach, you need to out reach like the young man stated a minute ago with those groups that have been involved and
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especially with the green action and i will go to the meeting if i find out about it position on this matter was not about principle, and not about what, you know, and not about what i proceed to be what was right as opposed to championing
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one particular organization over another, that is what i heard, now in my community, and i did not appreciate it. and i don't appreciate the organization saying that and people from our community coming back and telling me that that is how they, that is how they felt. so i don't appreciate that. and i want to make everybody, and i want to make it clear to everybody that my stance on that i took previous on this issue, was about the principle of it, and i did not want to, and i could have explained that but in explaining that i would have to go into detail of the interview and that would have been incorporate and that being said i just want to be clear with people, it was not been championing one organization over another it was about principle. >> and if i could jump out there and say that you know maybe one of us should have said that for commissioner king and because i think that the
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sentiments stated by the commissioner king when we did decide to go through a new process were maybe first expressed by commissioner king and then shared by all of us about the process. and so, otherwise we would not have gone back, done the process again, and be here today ready to award the grant to a good organization and move forward, and so thank you. director nutter for the process of going back out at the he could rfp and going to annie for all of your hard work and look forward to hearing how it goes from dca. >> yes, commissioner wan? >> i don't need to know too much of details i am wondering what is the measurable objectives for this grant and what is the generous charity? >> it is a good question, annie? >> sorry, okay. we have two years to complete a community-wide assessment in support of the development of the blue, green way.
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and so, we could look at the sites along the water front, or of the areas in close proximity that will serve as the linkages or the green connections to the water front to basically open up the water front access so that the local residents can enjoy the biking, walking and getting some exercise, and so we hope to eventually, secure more funding, and after we do the assessment to clean up some brown fill sites and provide more recreation spaces for healthy activities. >> how many residents will they reach out to? is there a number that they have to review? >> so bca did submit a proposal to us and i believe that the number that was proposed in the work plant was 250. but we have two years and we will conduct some out reach along in partnership with the dca and. with know that this project of
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the green waste project has been under way for several years and so there has been a number of stake holders and as i stated earlier we want to build the bridges and we want to conduct the out reach to the diverse communities. and so both the department staff and bca will collect input from the local residents, and the stake holders on the sites to look at, and how we prioritize those sites and try to develop a vision for how we will create more open space. and recreational space in the south east area so we can have greater access to the water front. >> okay. thank you. annie. >> thank you. >> any other questions? questions or a motion? >> motion, what is the motion? commissioner josefowitz? >> to approve the resolution.
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>> the motion is approved. >> second. >> seconded by commissioner stephenson. all of those in favor, say aye. >> aye. >> motion passes, aye. and approved. thank you, look forward to working with you. >> next item is update proposed agenda for the bay view commission meeting and proposal for the future commission meeting plan in the community, and continued from the august 6, meeting and commissioner arce, speaker is donald oliveira and the public out reach program manage and her this is an informational report and discussion item. >> thank you and actually maybe i can turn it over to commissioner king. >> no. this is our plan that was continued from the last item, bless you commissioner wan. >> that have the conversation
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about what could be our first community meeting. >> and i want to once again really thank donny. for taking the initiative about this and he has a multitude of other things to do and responsible for and i can't over state how appreciative i am for donny and for director nutter to allow staff to carry out the additional requests, and this has been a very active board, and since mr. arce, various requests of it and previously we might have done and so i just want to make sure that we recognize that mr. oliveira is going to work out on the things that we are going to ask him to do. >> amen to that. >> so much like commissioner is
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very interested in taking the commission meetings, and into the community. and i think that we discussed the road show concept. and but one of the intentions that i like to challenge ourselves to do so with a purpose and meaning that we ask them to host, that they are not just to you know, to hear the communities, and interests as well. and second, my proposal tonight is two-fold, one is to propose to a meeting in december, and there is a specific date that the next commission meeting, and both are recommended and the proposed dates are in play for us as well and discuss the second proposal of how to go forward in the future with the other community meetings. and it was in the presentation, everything else has been quick and to continue with that i
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will share those proposals and we can follow up by e-mail. so the recommendation for the december meeting will be to host it and we have located and two locations, and easily, and the bay view library and also, you know, the consideration. and the opera house. >> and at that meeting, we would like to along with, you know the existing agenda for the future, also to take time to do the bay view initiative and it was a newly formed group consisting of city departments and local, holders and service providers that is looking at working with the community to develop a resilientcy plan also in the face of a real time climate change and on health and the community infrastructure and it would be an opportunity to meet with the activated residents and in the
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community leaders, in the bay view, and the vision for the bay view and my recommendation is for us to host the commission meeting and in december to at that point will be in six months for the project and a lot to share and hosting almost biweekly meetings about the different projects so to the commission for this and to be focused around the bay view initiative. and thank you very much. >> thank you very much, donny. >> i see commissioner king. >> colleagues, thoughts and comments? >> thank you again, for all of your hard work. and in the moment, we will hear commissioner king first. >> number one, it is going to be... and commend to the out reach and we will attempt to increase my level of engagement with donny. and i am saying this on the
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record, and also that donny speaks to you in january, he can tell you how fantastic commissioner king was, that is my goal. and it is not only about me. and with that being said, this is fantastic, and i agree that we need to also give the community the opportunity to give us back as it educates us about how we go about our work and so, that is fantastic and i received that. >> thank you, commissioners king, commissioner wald? >> i too think this sounds like a fantastic idea. i strongly second what commissioner king has said about an opportunity to providing an opportunity for residents to give us feedback
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on matters of concern to them and as a matter of historical record, and work on the commission and maybe even not our director, will know, that the reason why san francisco has the gag ordinance is because x-years ago, i can't remember when, the commission had a meeting in china town. >> yes. >> where a percentage of the people who came and spoke to us complained about plastic bags littering in their neighborhood. and i would like to have that sort of linkage as you know, sort of the goal of, and although i realize, and i can't realize it every time, but that should be the goal of the work that we do as a commission in
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the community. that we hear what they have to say, and we provide a meaningful response to issues of concern to them and the second point that i wanted to make is that it is to suggest that we should have a strong, and a regular agenda as we possibly can. and in order to maximize the time that is devoted to the residents of the bay view, or any other communities that we go to. >> and so, it will take, you know, some real, talking to, on our parts to make that happen. but let's really try to have an outward directed meeting when
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we are in the neighborhood. >> what he said about the agenda and that is a great opportunity and i hope that this is the first of many. commissioner stephenson? >> i agree about what wald said about keeping the agenda small and i think that in the out reach efforts it will be great if we threw some questions out there to get the people thinking about if they want to come and i don't want to have a tiny agenda and not have a fruitful discussion and this is a second thing is that it might be a little picky point but i believe when we approved the budget for our commission meetings to be televised, that there was an additional cost if we did it in a community site and i don't know if we have to approve that before we go out there to do it or we can slide that under. >> nice catch. >> we talked about that for a long time. >> so i want to make sure that
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if we do have to approve it we do it. >> right, okay. >> and on that point, too. one consideration that we talk about what commissioner san franciscos said and if the facility.. and saves the department 600 bucks on the added cost for the remote. i want to say monica that you have the mind for all of these details and i want to say that there is an extra 800 if there was no amplification or verses the number or another $200 if there was. >> and i don't recall, there was an added cost for having the meeting out in the community. and also based on those factors but i don't remember what the exact amount was. >> so, we might want to we could, it sounds like we could maybe, talk off line to... >> actually that could be part of the motion when we take the
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action we could talk to our deputy city attorney to see if that is something contemplated by the way that we agendaize this. and not really, informational report and discussion. we are, and the city attorney, and are we able to essentially provide approval of the potential of the additional cost of tell vicing our meeting? >> and you could urge the director to look into it and urge that the expenditure be a priority for the commission. >> okay. >> and so, maybe that was something right at this moment that i was thinking maybe we should hear from our director, too, what she thinks and what we have not talked about tonight and i know that there is a question of logistics that we have gotten to, probably within 1 or 2 dates and our regularly du


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